We employ a disciplined and tailored approach to fit our client’s unique needs. We pride ourselves in providing senior level attention for every client. We are active across the full range of M&A advisory roles.


We seek to leverage our broad market knowledge and strong industry relationships to optimize a clients’ desire to monetize their business. With over 25 years each of related Investment Banking and PE experience, we have a deep rolodex of potential buyers for every situation, regardless of industry. Our small team focus lends itself particularly well to family businesses that may require more attention than a “bulge-bracket” bank is used to providing.


We have substantial industry and market knowledge of what is required to execute successful buy-side advisory assignments in relation to public or private target companies. We are also able to source attractive targets for interested buyers through our vast network.


Given the complexity of corporate divestitures, preemptively finding the right buyers to maximize closing certainty is critical. We have run broad-based auctions or smaller targeted private sales to help parent corporations achieve their objectives.